Audio Disclosure

Audio used in the productions from Shotty 4HF comes from a variety of sources: Including, not limited to:

Computer Music Magazine

Soft Phonic – Royalty Free source

Native Instruments

Black Octipus

Camel Audio


Music Tech Magazine

And many more places…

Royalty free samples are sourced wherever the term is included in the description.

Most other instruments are created using synths, oscillators and various other VST Instruments.

Effort has been made to ensure that there is no infringement on any person’s or artist’s personal, or intellectual rights, with the use of any audio or sample in any of the tracks produced by Shotty 4HF and released on this website. With all audio released there is no intentional violation of rights or copyright.

Any discovered misuse or inappropriate use of audio contained within any production listed on this website should be considered non-conceived and a misunderstanding.

No associations have been made between, … and any other artist or persons against their will in relation to any audio production listed as part of and 4HF Records.

If you have any concerns relating to the use of audio in any of the productions listed on this website, please contact via

Should we receive any communication relating to any such issue, it will be with much mortification. Concerns to this effect will be dealt with respectfully, appropriately and given priority.

Peace to the world.

Freedom for all.

(Last updated 28-05-2015)