DC Music Extravaganza!

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Great gig at the weekend! Met some superb people! Now back to the studio! New tunes coming soon!

Highly Rated! Products and Services! Shotty 4HF

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New “Highly Rated” listings on the Shotty 4HF website! Highly Rated Here!

MIXED EMOTIONS – Don-Marie Dootson

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The new EP “MIXED EMOTIONS” is out NOW from Don-Marie Dootson! A mix of beats and vocals, audio produced by Shotty 4HF. Search all stores! You’ll find it! Mixed Emotions With Title

Engine Running – DnB 2017

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Here: https://youtu.be/Q7oun2MbCcc  . Full track out soon at Shotty.co.uk.

Highly Rated – ElectroMarket

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Shotty.co.uk – Highly Rated! “ElectroMarket”, Audio and Lighting Equipment. http://www.shotty.co.uk/highly-rated/electro-market/

Live Shows – New Web Page!

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Festivals and Live Shows! New web page added to Shotty.co.uk! With video and track previews from the album X-Over! Check it here: http://www.shotty.co.uk/live-bookings/

#Live #Performance #Festivals

Live Performance! April 28th @ The Musician!

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Findley Webster and Shotty 4HF! Live at the Musician Friday 28th April! Check out the video! Follow the links for tickets! See you there! (-(-(-.-)-)-) . https://youtu.be/4O2i33RDi5M #Live #Musician #Performance #Stage #NewMusic

More music added to 4HF Records channel!

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New music added to the 4HF Records Youtube Channel! Drum and Bass in 2017 and tracks from the album “Meltdown Man” – Hear Now! Youtube.com/4HFRecords.

#NewMusic #Production #Beats #4HF

Shotty 4HF Samples

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Producers and Beat makers! Be sure to get the sample pack from Shotty.co.uk! Beat patterns and layered drums used in Shotty 4HF productions! All yours and ready for arranging!

#Drums #Beats #Samples #Audio #Production

Blog Post!

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Getting back on it! Lots of developments! New event page on the way! All details to follow! End of year back up of projects complete! New music on the way! #NewYear #Music #Live

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