Collaborations so far:

Shotty 4HF & GW (Gaz Whitworth)

A must check, “Bounce Like a Budgie” a track by Shotty 4HF and GW which is out now on the album Meltdown Man!

Shotty 4HF & Findley Webster

Gigs! The Musician in Leicester, Enigma nightclub in Market Harborough (Support act for Republica), the X-Over EP is out now with only limited edition CD copies available, get your copy from this website! The wheels are in motion to release an extended album version of X-Over with new tracks and will be available on-line for digital download in 2018. If you haven’t yet heard the dynamic colourful sound and unique vocals that is Shotty 4HF and Findley Webster, search on-line, not to be missed!! Findley Webster, local to the 4HF HQ, a singer / songwriter with unbelievable energy and passion for music with an extensive history of live performances, achievements and successes. This is definitely a collaboration that was destined to happen. After the first few experimental creations a new sound has come to life which is unlike anything else coming from the 4HF Records label, all thanks to the incredible talent and unique style that is Findley Webster.

Shotty 4HF & Danny Loco

New music coming soon from Shotty 4HF and Danny Loco. Up and coming local Hiphop, grime and story telling lyricist, with an amazing lyrical capability! Hold tight for what we have coming!

Shotty 4HF & Leonie Coleman

Latest track “Follow Me Deep Down” featured on BBC Introducing this year April 2018! Leonie Coleman, local singer / vocalist with a spectacular voice and incredible talent. An almost ‘out of the blue’ connection and chance collaboration that has brought to life a number of absolutely superb tracks and singles! Especially the new track “Please”, a track that was so spare of the moment I still can’t believe how it happened and where it came from! Check out the music so far on-line and on this website! With hopefully much more to come very soon!

shotty 4HF & Charlotte Newbold

Latest track “Hold On Summer” featured on BBC Introducing 2017! Check it out!
Shotty & Linda Skoglund
Shotty & Michael Johnson (Achilles the Robot)
Shotty 4HF & Scandal
Shotty 4HF & Delirious (2010)

Shotty 4HF & Delirious, with “Rib Clutch”

After a long time out myself and delirious have finally linked up again. With some good results! I have personally been amazed by the likes of Noisia and Spor since around 2005 / 2006, first introduced to it thanks to UKBass Radio (DJ CJ), and a good friend of mine who produces and goes by the name of Ghost. It now seems that many DnB listeners are onto the tech / Neuro Funk styles of the Drum and Bass spectrum. So this is what we set out to chase with the next production. With some new techniques, re-sampling and recently purchased sample packs from Loop Masters and others, we’re nearly there with the first release of the new track. Still some work to do (02/07/15),  and maybe next time the foundations will be a little different with focus on the sub bass levels and kick drum frequency combinations, but it is definitely on the right ‘tip’. It is an energetic, dirty bass sounding 172 bpm rolling groove. With typical horror movie sound effects and vocal pre-drops. And although I’ve been using techniques that are now becoming fairly familiar to me, DJ Delirious has definitely been influential throughout to the length, drop areas and atmospherics. With by far superior DJ and mixing skills than myself ‘D’ has been taking the track, queueing and mixing with the first drafts and feeding back essential analysis which has impacted heavily on the construct. Absolutely a co-produced audio track, with relatively simple production, making massive use of techniques including side chaining, limiting and output routing. It’s now at the stage (almost 4 weeks later meeting once or twice a week) to play close attention to detail, 1 more evening studio session should see it complete. Good effort. Will update here when complete, and the full track will be available from the home page. Also a DJ Delirious bio, gigs and bookings page to be added soon!

Shotty 4HF & Robbie Dee & Rachael EC
Shotty 4HF & Michael Rye (Mice & Mice)
Shotty 4HF & GKP Music
Shotty 4HF & Monique DLR

Shotty 4HF & Monique DLR! October 2015 latest track “Sayin Alright” featured on BBC Introducing with Dean Jackson and The Beat team! With some superb commentary! The track is ultimately a re-work of Monique’s original version “Sayin Alright” which was a 1 minute 20 second Ragga style high energy beat with what sounds like freestyle lyrics. As soon as Monique kindly sent the vocal track the rework came to life in less than a few hours! The entire track was produced over the course of a weekend and landed “as is” ready for listening. Absolutely superb project with catchy up-to-date urban lyrics! And to quote Dean Jackson @ BBC Introducing “One of the best yet!”. Hopefully Monique and I will be releasing more music together soon, as she is currently writing to a track specifically designed for her to work with. The track “Sayin Alright” is now available to download from the Beat Store! The download available is the original unedited rework, and a radio edit was produced for play on BBC Introducing which all being well should be available from other well known online music stores in the coming months! Good effort! Be sure to check out other work from Monique DLR:

Shotty 4HF & MC Dollar
Shotty 4HF & Montana
Shotty 4HF & Doctor Treeman