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Latest Event June 2016!

Findley Webster and Shotty 4HF – Live at Harborough Theatre.

Performing live to celebrate the launch of the new album X-over was inevitable, when Findley and I got together in 2015 to create it. And what better way to share this new music than raising money for a well deserved local charity at the same time. And so it happened, on Saturday 4th June 2016 at Harborough Theatre, with all ticket proceeds going to LOROS. The music that took many months to produce was shared with an amazing audience, with everyone having a great night. Supported by two amazing artists on the night, Irene Rae, and Paula Swan-Sully, and with some generous help from a number of people working hard behind the scenes in the run up and on the day. We had original plans to put a live event on the local town square, to celebrate the launch of the album, with tracks from X-over accompanied by stage and lighting. LOROS is Findley’s chosen charity for sentimental reasons, and she had arranged for LOROS donation collectors to be present on the night, while we held an open night for people to come and go as they please. These plans were cut short by one final piece of red tape after Findley’s extensive efforts to make it happen. We were fortunate and lucky enough to be invited by the amazing people at Harborough Theatre to hold the event at their venue. Plans went into action to make it a ticket event, and with just two weeks to raise awareness with flyers and posters we were overwhelmed with people’s support. It was a real mix of sound and music on the night, and the venue was perfect. Another magical and valuable experience gained. For me the first time using a midi keyboard and VSTs on stage, and for Findley the first time singing without holding a guitar! With just over two weeks to get everything sorted, the performance was what it was supposed to be and the turn out was great, and gratefully received. What we set out to achieve would not have been possible without the people involved and the people that came along, so a huge thanks to all. And


Obviously the website is now up and running! And since the launch lots has been taking place with music from Shotty 4HF. Including multiple broadcasts on BBC Introducing thanks to Dean Jackson and The Beat team! Stage introductions for Glastonbury 2015 (which can be listened to on the Production Services portfolio page).

Tracks produced for Don-Marie Dootson (Manchester), with hopefully a 5 track EP on the way! A very energetic and creative person who specialises in Street Dance! We have much more work to do. And our first collaborated effort is now available for download on the Beat Store!! “No Sound” – Original track titled “How to Love Him”, with lyrics written and performed by Don-Marie.

More music from Monique DLR!! (Also in Manchester)! Since the first remix track “On My Own” a few years ago, we are now working much more closely together to release some of the best tracks on! Recently aired on BBC Introducing, with some amazing comments! Get set for some epic releases from both of us!

And now, privileged to be working with experienced singer/songwriter and performer “Findley Webster”. We are set to work on a number of projects, and have just finished the 2nd track on an EP to showcase some material from the result of us working together. A truly amazing, unique and pitch perfect voice, making it very easy to work with as it simply compliments any production. With a number of tracks written and composed, and originally produced by Findley (Marie), we have a substantial amount of avenues and ideas, with some exciting work to do! And I’m personally looking forward to the variety of tracks that will emerge from this venture! Updates and previews to follow!

27/05/2015 is nearly ready!