Overview and Pricing

Shotty 4HF and 4HF Records Production Services.

Audio production to specific requirements. No limitations!

Whatever audio production you need, and no matter how soon it’s needed, simply get in contact and your project can be under way! With no obligation or upfront payments.
High end quality audio production for a multiple purposes, with fast production times and quick turn around for any last minute decisions.

Pricing specific to project, based on requirements; No# hours, audio material supplied, in house studio time etc. Cost would be negotiable and guaranteed affordable! Will also take into consideration PRO and royalty collection if applicable.

Bespoke and client specific projects are ideally sold on a flat fee buy-out basis that does not include any additional royalties for the recording sold.
Leasing and licensing can also be arranged subject to agreement (contact for details).

Projects can be streamlined to avoid wasting precious time! Project planning and consultation is at no cost, no matter how much is necessary to make it perfect!

**Pay only on completion of successful project. (Deemed successful by you the customer)

If it’s a low budget, with essential and even urgent requirements, get in touch and everything will be done to deliver what you need.
No budget at all? Even if this is the case then do not hesitate to get in touch! Various ventures could lead to external marketing, audio tagging and additional PR! So please enquire if you need audio production of any kind, no matter what the project, event or public performance, there should be no reason why Shotty.co.uk cannot help.

Cassette Tape to MP3 / CD conversions:

@ £3.49 per 45 minute side (90 min Standard Audio Cassette Tape)
Audio cassettes can be sent via recorded delivery (or other method) and returned to you with audio CDs. Postage costs payable by you via your choice of delivery method.
Cost reduced for bulk orders (3 Cassettes or more).

Lyric writing (Tributes / Celebrations / Demo Assistance)
Entirely dependent on requirements, content and length.

Recording @ 4HF Records:

Typical hourly rate of £15 per hour. Includes session wrap-up and any post-production processes completed after recording time (customer / artist presence not needed but welcome to stay throughout), 2 x CD of audio recording and digital format file if required.

Sound FX and Custom Audio:

Depends on number sounds required or based on total length, hours required to complete. Please enquire for more info.

For all enquiries Email to:

Or use the contact form below: