Portfolio Introduction

1997 – Market Harborough Town Hall (Performance, Lead, Front Man)
1997 – The Bell Pub (Performance, Lead, Front Man)
1997 – CAIRS Concert Lutterworth (Performance, Lead, Front Man)
1997 – Wellington Suite (Performance, Lead, Front Man)
1998 – Solo EP Release (Individuality, Recorded at Far Heath Recording Studios)
2002 – Solo Album Release (Totally Harmless Creation)
2005 – UK Bass Radio (Music Production Debut)
2006 – BBC Radio 1 One Music (Music Production, I Left The Party In 1956)
2006 – BBC Radio 1 One Music (Music Production, Waking Up)
2006 – BBC Radio 1 Best of Unsigned (Music Production)
2006 – BBC Radio 1 One Music (Music Production, Ipnotic)
2006 – UK Bass Radio (Music Production)
2007 – BBC Radio 1 One Music (Music Production)
2007 – Harborough FM Launch (Music Production aired)
2008 – Dragonfly Festival Sweden (Performance, Solo, Music Showcase)
2008 – UK Bass Radio (Frequent)(Music Production)
2009 – Elektra City (Music Production, Music Video by Linda Skoglund)
2009 – Shotty.co.uk Launch (Private Event, Music Production Showcase)
2009 – Evolution (Club/Bar Music Production Showcase)
2009 – Unite Radio (Music Production)
2009 – Evolution New Years Eve 2009/2010 (Club/Bar, Solo, DJ Set)
2010 – Renegade Radio (Music Production)
2010 – Evolution (Club/Bar, DJ Set)
2010 – Raise The Roof Line Up Feature, Dog Star, London (Solo, Music Production Showcase)
2011 – Video Documentary Brixton Academy (Music Production used)
2011 – Album Release (Shotty 4HF, Enter 2012)
2012 – Global DnB Radio (Music Production)
2012 – Achilies (Robot Stage Show, Soundscape, Sound FX)
2012 – Achilies (Robot Club Performance, Music Production used)
2012 – Achilies (Robot Stage Show outdoor, Music Production Used)
2012 – Track Feature (Music Production featured on Freeform Volume 2, Formation Records)
2013 – Global DnB Radio (Radio Show Introduction produced)
2013 – Single Release (Featured artists Robbie Dee, Rachael EC, Shotty 4HF)
2013 – Q Club, Birmingham (Line Up Feature, PA, Own Music Showcase)
2013 – EP Release (Shotty 4HF, Popcorn Gun)
2014 – BBC Introducing (Music Production, Stepping Over Flyers)
2014 – BBC Introducing (Music Production, Payday Friday)
2014 – Remix Competition Winner (Remix of Apollo, Rancid Records)
2014 – Corporate Firm Company 21st (Song written to celebrate 21 years celebration)
2014 – 2bad4ya Radio (Radio Show Introduction produced)
2014 – Remix Competition Runner Up (Remix of Slammer, Rancid Records)
2014 – Single Release (Space Now, A and B side on Rancid Records)
2015 – BBC Introducing (Music Production, The Origin)
2015 – BBC Introducing (Music Production, Sheep Dog)
2015 – BBC Introducing (Music Production, Ecstatic)
2015 – Single Release (Hamster Tube, A and B side on Rancid Records)
2015 – Album Release (Shotty 4HF, Meltdown Man)
2015 – BBC Introducing (Music Production, Sayin Alright)
2015 – BBC Radio 1, In New Music We Trust (Music Production, Sayin Alright)
2015 – BBC Introducing (Music Production, For The Dream)
2015 – Glastonbury Music Festival (Stage / Show Introduction produced, Cave Stage)
2015 – Glastonbury Music Festival (Stage / Show Introduction produced, Carousel)
2015 – Corporate Firm End of Year (Song Written and produced to deliver end of year presentation)
2016 – Remix Work (Remix released on Ghetto Dub Record Label)
2016 – EP Release (Pure Insult, Kevlar Beats Record Label)
2016 – HFM Radio (Radio Interview, Prime Time, Live Performance Plug)
2016 – HFM Radio (Radio Interview, Music Show, Album Showcase, “X-Over”)
2016 – Harborough Theatre (Performance, Keyboard, Sound FX, Album Showcase)
2016 – EP Release (Findley Webster and Shotty 4HF, X-Over)
2016 – The Cube (PA and Music)
2016 – Bodfest Small Music Festival (Solo, Live Performance)
2016 – BBC Introducing (Music Production, Push Our Way Through)
2016 – Glastonbury Music Festival (Stage / Show Introduction produced, Cave Stage)

Current Projects:
EP Production for Don-Marie Dootson (Manchester)
Music Production for Loula (Amsterdam, Holland)
Music Production for Findley Webster (Leicestershire)
EP Production for Findley Webster and Shotty 4HF (Joint Venture, Duo Performance)
Live Performance @ The Musician (Leicester April 2017)

Shotty 4HF

Since the late 1990’s the audio production from Shotty 4HF has gone from strength to strength. First reaching a nationwide audience in 2006 with BBC Radio One’s “One Music Show”, with Huw Stephens and Vic Galloway. Music from Shotty 4HF featured for a number of consecutive weeks and in addition was given a place on the BBC’s best of unsigned podcast. Since this time Shotty 4HF has had an ever growing presence on the internet with the development of 4HF Records and Shotty.co.uk. Featuring frequently on multiple on-line radio stations, as well as BBC Introducing, and most recently on BBC Radio One’s “In New Music we Trust”.

Not just MUSIC from Shotty 4HF…

Indie, Electronic, Vocal and Club tracks aren’t the only thing coming out of Shotty.co.uk! Realising that audio and sound have many other applications such as stage and theatre, Shotty 4HF has been privileged to work on a number of exciting projects.
These projects Span from sound Effects and Soundscaping for a visually spectacular “Robot Suit” stage show (Achilles), to Jingles, Advertising Media, Lyric writing, Sound Design, Stage Introductions for Glastonbury Music Festival and most recently performing at the Market Harborough Theatre, showcasing music written and created for use in Television and Film. Shotty 4HF has had a number of opportunities producing music for other artists and record labels with every project resulting in success.

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