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SHOTTY 4HF – Production Services.

Portfolio and history of past example projects that have been produced for a variety of purposes and designed to a range of specific requirements.

“This is a handful of examples to demonstrate the production services at Shotty.co.uk

Achilles The Robot (Stage Track) (Club Performance)
This track was produced in 2013 to support the stage performance of “Achilles The Robot”.
The full size Robot suit featured in a number of public performances. This dance track derived from the actual 20 minute stage show and was used to work around copyright issues of using other dance and electronic music produced by other artists. This track is specific, unique and dedicated for the purpose of live performances only from “Achilles The Robot” and featured several times on radio broadcasts following public appearances.
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Radio Show Introduction for Global DnB (Globaldnb.com)
This production was created for the purpose of a radio show introduction for Global DnB.com “Prime Jungle and DnB Show” for DJ/Musician “Rachael EC”. This audio is only a small clip of the original. This provided a recurring branded introduction to the show that soon became recognisable, allowing time for the show presenter and DJ to introduce the program and set off with high energy Drum and Bass music. The introduction featured a full length Drum and Bass track for mixing into the first track of the program.

MUSIC CD – Instrumental for Vocal artists (Royalty Free)
Some tracks released on 4HF Records can be adapted for use in other applications and by other artists. Here is an example of a track that has been edited and is now available for use by other vocal artists. Offering flexible Exclusive and Non-Exclusive rights agreements with no further royalty collections. Consultation, discussion and planning is absolutely 100% free. Specific and dedicated backing tracks for vocal artists can be created and tailored by request. For more information on time frames and specifics get in touch: production.services@shotty.co.uk

“WATER” – Produced for a Water Aid documentary on behalf of Linda Skoglund
This track was produced to support a ‘Water Aid’ documentary created and edited by Linda Skoglund. The track was used as backing music throughout various parts of the final visual production and also used for the end credits. Produced in 2011, the final piece of music featured as part of the documentary at the Brixton Academy.