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Radio Show introduction for “2bad4ya.com” (Rachael EC)
This track was produced as an introduction for the “Prime Jungle and DnB Show” on 2bad4ya.com.
Featuring Vicky Johnson on voice overs. The track was designed to have an upbeat, energetic and progressive build up to the show, allowing time to introduce the show and conduct ceremony prior to the first track and start of the set.

“Afraid Of” – Co production with DJ Skandal and released on Formation Records LP “Freeform Volume 2”
Featured audio recording of a collaboration between DJ Skandal and Shotty 4HF. The full track was finally delivered after a number of hours and released on Formation Records LP “Freeform Volume 2” thanks to the legendary DJ SS.
For more info on co productions such as this, check the collaborations section of this website.

Glastonbury 2015 Introduction for the “Cave Stage”
This was a production created at request and with very detailed specifics, and featured at Glastonbury 2015 from the “Cave Stage”. This was created following a telephone conversation to discuss details and was delivered within one week ready for review and final tweaking. Featuring Matt Ward, Shotty 4HF and Joan Scott on voice overs.

Vocal Demo – Cover/Backing track
The backing track for this particular recording was chosen by the artist featured in the production. This was a first attempt vocal session recorded in the studio and mixed down in the same afternoon. Ideally the track should also have been reproduced to become part the recorded session. However, the chosen backing track served the purpose for this first vocal demonstration of a young female artist with much potential. Recorded in 2012 using a basic “Sure” mic and standard pre-amps.