Sample Pack #1

The first sample pack from Shotty 4HF!


Well it’s about time.
With an ever growing collection of homemade sounds there is something to share here.
Sharing instrument patches and sound with fellow producers in the past has helped to create musical masterpieces. So it’s time to roll out what there is and create more.

What have I done?

Well, obviously I’m aware that samples I have purchased over the years from places like LoopMasters and Black Octopus, are non-transferable and licensed exclusively. Which is why these are not just samples!
The beats are completely layered drum parts, with individual kick drum and snare regions arranged in sequence along with multiple layers of hihats and percussion to deliver full sounding drum patterns. Many of the layered samples have been created in house while others are typical sounding clap and drum part recordings.
This sample pack contains arranged sections from projects created between 01-January 2013 to 31-May 2013! Q1 and Q2 of that year. Some of the projects were finished and released where the original track name has been referenced in the audio sample file name. Other projects were either unfinished, unreleased or part used in other releases. All of the drum patterns have been created as part of a Shotty 4HF project and you will not find them anywhere else. Sure, Jungle and Drum and Bass followers may hear a snippet of an Amen Break or two? But not playing solo…
All the drum parts have been edited to precise loops at the BPM specified in the file name.

Bass sounds!

To offer even more inspiration this is not a Drum Beat only sample pack! I have picked a number of patches from a library of self created bass sounds using a well known VST Instrument. I’m sure many people have their own copy, but not everyone creates the same sounds.
They vary in texture from mid-bass to low-sub bass. Because some of them use LFOs which have been set to sync to the project tempo I have recorded each at 2 x BPM (140 and 174). Pitch Shift or Time Stretch to match the tempo of another project. (Or contact for instrument patches).

Who is it for?

Electronic Music Producers. Or, even just “Music” Producers of any genre who want to pitch shift the drums for use in any project at any speed, or chop it up and take bits from it. You’ll gather I was in the midst of a Drum and Bass phase when I arranged the majority of the drum patterns. Which is why this sample pack would be ideal for anyone wanting to get the ball rolling on their next, Drum and Bass, Breakbeat or Electronic Dance music production. But as any producer may know, an audio recording can be infinitely versatile. So this is also ideal for anyone simply looking to expand their sample library whatever the next project might be.

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Royalty free?

These are all arranged sections from created productions or part-productions. There are no publishing rights and there isn’t anything to collect royalties from. The arrangement created and work done by Shotty 4HF you can use in your own project and label it your own.

How much?

It took me absolutely ages to prepare this, load up old projects, record each clip and edit it into samples and loops, organising each file name. And that’s without actually creating the arrangement in the first place. I have no idea how many hours have gone into the audio between Jan 2013 and May 2013, and even lost count in the last two days how many it as taken to prepare this audio package… Enough.
It’s £3.99

How do I download it?

Because of the content and overall file size, this is not hosted on the website. When paid via Paypal, the sample pack will be sent to you personally. Via an on-line file sharing platform or you can specify the delivery method of your choice (email address provided in the receipt). Compressed Zip folder format. The file format for all samples is 44100 Wave audio file. (.wav). You don’t need a Paypal account to download the sample pack, any debit or credit card can be used via Paypal without the need to create an account.
Please allow up to 16 hours response time especially if purchasing after 20:00 GMT. Me or another member of the team at will get the sample pack to you as soon as we can! Between the hours of 9 – 5 Monday to Friday you should receive the samples within a few hours. If you’re absolutely stuck and with some sense of urgency, there is a telephone number in the receipt, give it a call and we’ll see if we can get them to you sooner.

The purchase system at is driven by automated emails, so please bear with us! As soon as your email has been received and read it will be actioned.
If you haven’t received files or notification of delivery within 12 hours? Email:
All purchases should be dealt with automatically under normal circumstances.

What’s in it?

Bass sounds 1 to 20, notes D#, F and G# recorded at 140 BPM
Bass sounds 1 to 20, notes D#, F and G# recorded at 174 BPM

****40 x Individual Audio Files!

Note ~ (Each Bass .WAV contains the notes D#, F and G# in sequence with gaps ready for slicing into regions).

Layered Breaks and Drum Loops:
01 Beat at 132 BPM
02 Beat at 175
03 Beat (From the track Break Baby) at 172
04 Beat at 172
05 Beat (From the track Space Now) at 174
06 Beat (From the track The Machine Takes Off) at 175
07 Beat at 178
08 Track Foundation (Beat and Bass) at 178
09 Beat (From the track Love Cards Remix) at 185
10 Beat at 180
11 Beat at 170
12  Hiphop Beat (From the track Little Bubbles) at 88
13 Beat at 178
14 Beat at 176
15 Half Time Beat and Bass at 176
16 Beat at 128
17 Beat at 178
17 Beat with (Beat 17 duplicate with added hats) at 178
18 Beat (From the track Popcorn Gun) at 174
19 Beat (From the track Popcorn Gun) Hard Clip, Half Time at 174
20 Beat at 174
21 Track Foundation (Beat and Bass) at 174
22 Beat (From the track 4U2 Believe Me) at 140
23 Beat at 140
Bass Loop (From the track Love Cards Remix) at 178
Bass Loop 2 at 178

** 26 x Audio Files

Enjoy, get creative, make a masterpiece, give us some feedback, share the track when it’s done!

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Is satisfaction guaranteed?

Some people are disappointed when it snows, others get excited. I have only chosen drum beats and arrangements that I believe might be useful to someone starting a new project. They were useful to me at the time, else I wouldn’t have made them. Same goes for the bass sounds, I remain moderately certain that there are sounds you will find useful and use more than once. These sounds are for editing and re-sampling or using in whole part. I only know that you do not have them already.

What’s next?

Well obviously there are the projects from June 2013 to December 2013, and then Q1 to Q2 2014, Q3 to Q4 2014, 2015, 2016 catching up with the present day.
There are also the bass sounds not just titled from A-B,, but, C-D, E-F and G — Z with more patch designs being added to the library every week in multiple VST-Instruments.
To be continued. New sample pack listings to follow.
This may be listed for a limited time as new ones are listed! Get it now.

Can I give these recorded arrangements to anyone and can I resell them?

This audio package can be downloaded and there is no complicated licensing agreement at this time.
Terms and conditions are currently under review and may only affect future sample pack listings.
If anyone is interested in the samples you have purchased or would like their own copy, it’s reasonable to request that you inform them as to where you purchased them from so they can obtain a copy themselves. To encourage this, and if you have read this far down the page! Anyone that purchases this sample pack will get 50% of (not off, but of) the next sample pack with or without purchasing it. So you will get half the content of the next sample pack completely free! Even if you don’t purchase the next one! All you need to do is email the code word: PACK 1 PURCHASED
Email it to:
Reference your Paypal purchase (Time/date/Email address or other info) and 50% of the next audio is yours for nothing.

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