Shotty 4HF & MooArt

The Shotty 4HF & MooArt project. Ongoing.

What is it…? It all started with Popcorn Gun:


How often is it, one would think, that a writer or producer, certainly of modern day electronic music would come up with a name after they have made the track? On most occasions probably. It would seem logistical even to non-musicians to create an album or single, and then have the album art created for it.

In a twist of fate the words popcorn and gun were put together in a sentence, which was reasonable at the time. Instantly the phrase or term was considered perfect for a music track title.

So here was the process: We had a name > Turned into album art and into a track

The idea for the imaginary device, the ‘Popcorn Gun’ was put to paper. Literally, on a post-it note…

While I sourced samples of anything to do with popcorn, small pieces of popcorn were being cut from magazines and arranged to bring the post-it note sketch to life.

The result. I went away and purposely created a track because of a track name, and it turned out to be, still one of the best electronic productions I’ve made. The art work to go with it is completely original, unique, dedicated to the track and looks amazing.

After almost ten years of producing tracks, and now with even more at my finger tips to work with than ever before, there is often the occasion where you think, I really want to make a tune and put all of this to use, but what shall I do next? The idea of coming up with a name and image first seemed to have something about it that worked, almost from a different mind set when starting out with an empty project to record into.

Next up was Fish Report:


Again, the two words were put together in a sentence, which was reasonable at the time. The image was created way before starting on the tune. I searched frantically for anything to do with fish. The end result, is as mad but enjoyable as the picture. It’s been on Itunes for some time, and has now been downloaded in countries including Denmark, Sweden, United States, Canada, France and others. The image was put on Ebay as a scanned laminated copy and sold within a few days which was unexpected. And I’ve been recently informed that the track is played during stock takes at a Boots warehouse in Belfast.

Again, it’s just a good example of how throwing ideas at one spot and sharing the creativity makes way for something even more different to be brought to existence.

So – We’ve pressed on with this.

Some of the artwork in the within the project was created after the track. Tired Nutcase is one of these. But the art work is amazing, to come up with that artwork from the track title! It really does have everything in it that the track has.


We’re all Hooked – Is another track from the MooArt project.


Unleash Future Objects – This was a great reverse process. MickyMoo had produced the image and title, I made the track some months later. Now in view of the fact that I love producing futuristic beats that don’t always conform to the ‘norm’, and that I like synth, sporadic and metallic bass sounds when I produce music, the need to make a track for the title of “UNLEASH FUTURE OBJECTS”, basically let me loose on whatever I wanted to do. And again, amazing image, and a quality audio production to go with it.

So – This is a work in progress. There are images that I haven’t yet made music for, and more images to come from MooArt that will be included in this project.

Updates to follow (Last updated 27-05-2015)


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