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Update 31/07/2015

**Iphone users:
It has been fed back to us that downloading directly to some mobile devices from can be an issue with difficulty in retrieving the music file and adding to playlists. This is not an isolated issue with and can relate to downloading MP3 files from the web in general without using appointed stores associated with the manufacturer and related applications. If anyone should experience such issues, we would recommend downloading from a home computer and adding tracks to your choice of media player and then syncing with any mobile device. Another option would be to download to an on-line file cloud of some description for easy retrieval at any time. All tracks downloaded from are followed with an Email link sent to the buyer where the download can be retrieved for a limited time after purchase.

In future we hope to have a download to cloud facility to improve our services and assist customers who may wish to download tracks by other means than that of direct to their device. Check the News / Updates page for future info on this subject.

Should you have any difficulty in retrieving a download then contact us and we will make sure 100% that the file reaches you. Contact



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