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#01/ Coming Soon! / May 15

#02 / WOW! First Entry / Jan 18.

#03 /KRK Rokit 8 Issue / Jan 18.

#04 / RME Fireface Issue FIXED / Jan 18.



#04 / RME Fireface Issue FIXED / Jan 18.

So I have finally fixed an issue with the RME Fireface UFX. The issue was little or no sound coming out of the analogue outputs after the device was first switched on. It’s NOT a common fault for RME, but after searching on-line it became apparent that I was not alone with this issue and found quite a bit of info. In cold room temperatures it could take up to ten minutes for my UFX to resume normal volume (when the device had warmed up). I left it like this for a long time, years, puzzled, because the unit still sounded great and worked fine when warmed up…

I replaced two things inside the RME.

The PSU PCB board (Internal Power Supply). I found the replacement part on

The ribbon cable that connects the main processing board to the analogue I/O board.

Much to my delight the issue was fixed!

Although I tried replacing the PSU first due to strong advice, I’m fairly convinced the issue was with the ribbon cable between the two boards.

My RME Fireface was outside of the warranty so could only be repaired or sent for repair. If you have any issues with anything similar contact RME! And send it back to them! Opening the unit VOIDS warranty!




#03 / KRK Rokit 8 Speaker Issue / Jan 18.

I’ve had a pair of KRK Rokit 8 G2 speakers in the studio for almost 4 years, and recently the ‘woofer’, or 8″ driver failed in one of the speakers. At first thought the speaker had blown, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. The speaker works in cold temperatures but not once the unit / circuit has warmed up. From all the information I can gather on-line, it has to do with the amplifier circuit to the woofer, and is most likely one or more capacitors on the amplifier board, or on the power supply feeding to it. I’ve found it difficult to find a company in the UK that can repair KRK speakers. I will be looking to repair these myself time allowing, and will update with any findings. They are superb speakers, and have had probably well over the average amount of usage time over the time period (4 years)! The symptoms give the indication of being something ‘repairable’. But none the less certainly lost without them when mixing. Didn’t realise how much I relied on them!




#02 / WOW! This is the first entry / Jan 18

OK – So this is the first entry on the Tech Talk page. And looking at the date that I set this page up, it’s been almost 3 years since I planned adding content to this page! Perhaps too much time spent making music and working with equipment to be able to write about it! I plan to share as much as possible on this page relating to music production, audio hardware and my own experiences, in the hope that it might help any music creators that may be stuck in the same place I once was! Besides that it might be something I’ve found eye opening, or interesting, or the latest VST I’m using and I want to shout about how amazing it is. Read away and comment below if anything on this page leads to further interest.

I am not stating anything on this page which I claim to be correct or fact, only an account of my own experience!




#01 / Coming Soon / May 15

This page will be updated soon with production details, hardware reviews, findings, experiences, plug-in recommendations and much more.

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