What is it?

Personal Statement: “If I had to explain it in one short sentence, it would be a struggle, similar to that of a grounded seal trying to climb inside a sleeping bag without any human intervention. And if I really had to… I might achieve something like, “It is his, his own, and exists only from an inconceivable degree of patience, intricacy, thought, creativity, skill in hand with experimentation and over analysis.” Or something like that.

The chainsaw carvings are pretty amazing. And actually featured at the Raise the Roof art exhibition in London in 2010, where some of the viewers actually thought the pieces were made out of clay until informed otherwise.

Two other hand drawn pictures from MickyMoo also featured at the exhibition, one of which was related to a EP cover, the first of many to follow.

The level of detail can only be perceived upon close inspection of the original drawing or scanned copy (hopefully available soon from this website – update to follow). All these types of pictures are hand drawn using thin fibre tipped pens. And as you can imagine, take a ridiculous amount of time.

MooArt – Craft design and Artwork – Google MickyMoo1 – Or MooArt to find out more.

MooArt has a various pieces of artwork to view on-line.

Now producing work for the ongoing project “Shotty 4HF & MooArt” – Already featuring tracks such as Fish Report and Popcorn Gun. Available on Itunes, Amazon and more. These single and EP covers are made from a mixture of paper collage and single hand.

                     FISH REPORT 1600 b                                          POPCORN GUN IMAGE 1600


Much more to follow (Last updated 27-05-2015)

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