Working With Others

“Often it’s difficult working with other people. Because personally producing music is usually a solitary activity. As well as this, over the last ten years I’ve developed a very specific way of starting my tracks so that production is quick and spontaneous. So when someone arrives with a tune in their head it doesn’t help me when I want to start with a tempo and snare drum. The easiest of collaborations is when someone suggests a genre and there is no real definition or expectation, and even this way of working along side someone else will always result in something massively different than if I sat down to recording a track on my own. In the presence of a creative thinker, with an understanding of what they like and don’t like, and the influence they put on the track as it forms in the early stages, the finished piece is usually aside from my typical style at that time. Working with someone else’s vocals or lyrics is also a good starting point for me, as it gives a foundation for the style and rhythm before producing anything. Co writing lyrics is always a success, especially if on the same wavelength, which has been experienced on many occasions with a handful of people. I can personally express that collaborating with like minded, energetic, creative, passionate and sometimes crazy people goes far beyond simply making a tune. Whether it’s making a video, sharing an idea with a stranger at a festival in Sweden, and then meeting up in the UK almost a year later and actually seeing it through! To someone arriving with an idea that they would like to become a robot and needs a complex audio production to make the illusion even more real! And even down to the artist designing the cover for the album, or as it has been more recently creating the artwork first and producing a track to go with it! It’s all absolutely amazing time spent, with valuable experience gained every time, and leads the way to meeting some truly superb people and good friends along the way. More of it is a must, definitely. Big thanks to all those who I have had the pleasure of working with, and sharing what it is that I do. Look forward to the next one.”

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